Palazzo del Bò

The large building complex, called the Palazzo del Bo, built between 1542 and 1601 with modern additions of the years 1920-1940 is the headquarters of the University, founded in 1222.
Of great interest are:
- The ancient courtyard (mid '500) by Andrea Moroni
- Hall of Forty, where it retains the chair of Galileo Galilei, who taught in Padua from 1592 to 1610
- The Aula Magna, rich with coats of arms and decorations
- The famous Anatomy Theatre of G. Fabricius Acquapendente, the world's oldest (1594)

Near the coffee rises Bò Pedrocchi, neoclassical building erected in 1831 and designed by Giuseppe Jappelli, with the upper rooms of 1842. In the last century was the famous meeting place for scholars and theater of the student movements of 1848.