"Scrovegni" Chapel, Church of the Hermits

Scrovegni Chapel

The Scrovegni Chapel, nestled inside the ruins of the ancient Roman arena, is one of the greatest monuments of figurative art of all time, keeper of the most complete cycle of frescoes by Giotto, created by Florentine master between 1303 and 1305.
In the nearby complex of Museums, housed in the former convent of Hermits, one can admire precious testimonies Paleovenitian, Roman, Etruscan and early Christian, rare coin collection and other famous works from 300 to 800 (including a Crucifix by Giotto and boards the "Armed Angels" by Guariento).

Church of the Hermits

The nearby Church of the Hermits, built between the second half of the thirteenth and early fourteenth century, has a magnificent wooden ceiling, the work of Fra Giovanni, and many monumental tombs.
Badly hit by bombing in 1944 preserves the Presbytery, partially recovered, frescoes Guarriento (1368-1370), and Chapel Ovetari some masterpieces of Andrea Mantegna (1448-1357).