Squares and Historical Center

"Piazza dei Signori"

Piazza dei Signori is closed to the west by Palazzo del Capitanio (end '500) which incorporates the ancient clock tower with the big clock with Astrarium designed by Jacopo Dondi in 1344 and rebuilt in 400. The triumphal arch is the work of G.M. Falconetto (1532).

Piazza del Capitaniato

Piazza del Capitaniato retains the great hall of the ancient palace of the Carrara, called Sala dei Giganti, frescoed (half of '500).
On the south side there is the Loggia della Gran Guardia, in 1532 by Compleat Falconetto.

Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle, originally Roman theater was restored in 1775 by order of Attorney Venetian Andrea Memmo, assuming its present appearance surrounded by a monumental canal adorned with 78 statues of famous men born or somehow connected to Padua.
On the lawn overlooking the Basilica of St. Justina. In the majestic Inside you can admire numerous works of art, including, chorus and more great altarpiece "The Martyrdom of St. Justine" by Veronese (1575) and in the adjacent monastery cloisters, with Renaissance frescoes, and the rich Library.